All Hail The 90’s (and early 00’s!)

logoWith the recent revival of the X-Files I wanted to place a quick post on my of my favourite sites of yesteryear: You might notice that the link to this site goes to a waybackmachine page. This is because, in my opinion, the site was at its best during the early 00’s. I could spend hours lost in its pages of articles. I was enthralled by each and every one and loved the conspiracy stories. In my opinion it is a fine example of an lates 90’s early 00’s website which was made purely for the enjoyment of its readers and by a proud webmaster.

It’s hard to find websites like this anymore. Most are so laden with ads it takes longer for them to load than any website I used to browse on dial-up every did. If you get the chance take a look at the waybackmachines archives of this site and see for yourself what I mean. After it got the forum and became a corporate beast the quality went down hill dramatically.

I’m not sure how to end this post. It’s been a bit of rant but I’ll keep looking for more sites like this which are still available today!

Quick Update…

Due to a recent flood of spam comments I have regretfully decided to close the comments section. Sorry folks. As usual the small minority ruin it for the rest of us. I’m looking into finding a reliable spam blocker. But, between this and the influx of spam I get through the contact form I felt I had no choice.

Great Coffee With a Milk Frother

milkfoamAs part of my pick of small independent websites I recently came across one dedicated to milk frothers. This was of particular interest because I am 1. A coffee fan and 2. own a milk frother myself.

For those of you who might be unfamiliar milk frothers are small devices which often look like kettles and can be used to both heat and foam milk. The milk foam it produces can be used to make Italian style coffees like cappuccinos (my fav!). I particularly like mine because I can use it with my coffee press or with instant coffee and it always makes coffees much nicer without any extra effort. If you’d like more (and a better explanation!) of milk foam etc you can check out more on wikipedia.

coffeemachineAnyway onto the site. It is called I was particularly impressed with the depth of information I found and the number and different types of milk frothers availble. Each one is reviewed in-depth and even has instructions on how to use them. I could also see from the comments section that the site interacts with its visitors and seems to answer any questions asked. I also liked how also show you other devices that you can use (or replace your milk frother with) and how they also provided good, solid information on these devices. For example you might now need a frother if you buy a coffee machine because some coffee machines come with one integrated. They seem to review a good spread from expensive devices to some very good coffee machines like the scultura by Delonghi, which I didn’t know existed – but will be buying!

As always I do have one or two complaints! Whilst they do show each products by type it would be nice if they broke the frothers down into categories more. EG a category for automatic frothers, one for handheld and so on. I think this would make it much easier for people new to making home coffees to find what they need. Although they do provide a really good guide on what each type of frother is and what you can expect to pay on the homepage.

Overall this is a pretty good site. It is well designed has lots of good info on coffee makers, frothers and most other useful coffee gadgets.


Good For Dehumidifier Reviews…


OK, before I buy anything I need to check out a ton of reviews. So when I needed to buy a dehumidifier I obviously needed to read reviews! So after a bit of googling I came across a good site with decent advice and tips on dehumidifiers. It’s called DRHQ (short for dehumdifier reviews HQ) and I was impressed by what I found.

Granted, dehumidifiers, mold and damp isn’t the most interesting subject matter out there, and I can honestly say I didn’t read the whole reviews. But what I can say is that what I’ve read was very detailed and gave me enough of a picture to get a good idea of the device. I checked out some of the more popular reviews like those on EcoAir and meaco and ended up getting an ebac dehumidifier. Its a pretty good little unit and it does keep the humidity and condensation down in our home. I can also say that the information I found in the review was also accurate to the model I bought. It almost felt as though I got a preview before I bought it.

My only real criticism is that the reviews can be a bit long and I don’t think too many people would read the entire reviews at all. But, that said you do get a lot of good information and its for free, so I shouldn’t complain.

The site also seems to make some overview videos on each of the dehumidifiers – which was a handy find. I did enjoy these. They were much more to the point and gave you good overview of what each unit could do.

In all dehumidifier reviews HQ is a good site. I’d recommend it the next time you’re looking for a dehumidifier. Its comprehensive, very light on ads (which is VERY refreshing) and well worth a look.

Hello world!

Welcome to my site! I wanted to voice my opinion and share some of the useful sites I come across while browsing the internet for (too) many hours each day. And to also to provide an easy place for me to access them! I’ll be posting my opinion, like a mini review, on each site I’ve used that has helped me in some way in the hope it might help you too. I’m going to try and avoid the big sites like wikihow and goodhousekeeping etc and instead try to go back to the good old days of the internet when people like you and me made sites and there were no internet giants. I remember those days fondly of just browsing these great little sites (that weren’t loaded with ads) and reading and finding great info and what people thought and found out and then shared online.

We did used to accept advertising but don’t do that anymore. But if you’ve found a site you’d like me to take a look at and review for any of my readers drop me a comment and I’ll take a look. If I think it could be useful or entertaining I’ll give it a review and drop it here for people to read.

Anyway, enough rambling take a look around and enjoy and leave a comment if you found something useful here.