Good For Dehumidifier Reviews…


OK, before I buy anything I need to check out a ton of reviews. So when I needed to buy a dehumidifier I obviously needed to read reviews! So after a bit of googling I came across a good site with decent advice and tips on dehumidifiers. It’s called DRHQ (short for dehumdifier reviews HQ) and I was impressed by what I found.

Granted, dehumidifiers, mold and damp isn’t the most interesting subject matter out there, and I can honestly say I didn’t read the whole reviews. But what I can say is that what I’ve read was very detailed and gave me enough of a picture to get a good idea of the device. I checked out some of the more popular reviews like those on EcoAir and meaco and ended up getting an ebac dehumidifier. Its a pretty good little unit and it does keep the humidity and condensation down in our home. I can also say that the information I found in the review was also accurate to the model I bought. It almost felt as though I got a preview before I bought it.

My only real criticism is that the reviews can be a bit long and I don’t think too many people would read the entire reviews at all. But, that said you do get a lot of good information and its for free, so I shouldn’t complain.

The site also seems to make some overview videos on each of the dehumidifiers – which was a handy find. I did enjoy these. They were much more to the point and gave you good overview of what each unit could do.

In all dehumidifier reviews HQ is a good site. I’d recommend it the next time you’re looking for a dehumidifier. Its comprehensive, very light on ads (which is VERY refreshing) and well worth a look.