Great Coffee With a Milk Frother

milkfoamAs part of my pick of small independent websites I recently came across one dedicated to milk frothers. This was of particular interest because I am 1. A coffee fan and 2. own a milk frother myself.

For those of you who might be unfamiliar milk frothers are small devices which often look like kettles and can be used to both heat and foam milk. The milk foam it produces can be used to make Italian style coffees like cappuccinos (my fav!). I particularly like mine because I can use it with my coffee press or with instant coffee and it always makes coffees much nicer without any extra effort. If you’d like more (and a better explanation!) of milk foam etc you can check out more on wikipedia.

coffeemachineAnyway onto the site. It is called I was particularly impressed with the depth of information I found and the number and different types of milk frothers availble. Each one is reviewed in-depth and even has instructions on how to use them. I could also see from the comments section that the site interacts with its visitors and seems to answer any questions asked. I also liked how also show you other devices that you can use (or replace your milk frother with) and how they also provided good, solid information on these devices. For example you might now need a frother if you buy a coffee machine because some coffee machines come with one integrated. They seem to review a good spread from expensive devices to some very good coffee machines like the scultura by Delonghi, which I didn’t know existed – but will be buying!

As always I do have one or two complaints! Whilst they do show each products by type it would be nice if they broke the frothers down into categories more. EG a category for automatic frothers, one for handheld and so on. I think this would make it much easier for people new to making home coffees to find what they need. Although they do provide a really good guide on what each type of frother is and what you can expect to pay on the homepage.

Overall this is a pretty good site. It is well designed has lots of good info on coffee makers, frothers and most other useful coffee gadgets.