Hello world!

Welcome to my site! I wanted to voice my opinion and share some of the useful sites I come across while browsing the internet for (too) many hours each day. And to also to provide an easy place for me to access them! I’ll be posting my opinion, like a mini review, on each site I’ve used that has helped me in some way in the hope it might help you too. I’m going to try and avoid the big sites like wikihow and goodhousekeeping etc and instead try to go back to the good old days of the internet when people like you and me made sites and there were no internet giants. I remember those days fondly of just browsing these great little sites (that weren’t loaded with ads) and reading and finding great info and what people thought and found out and then shared online.

We did used to accept advertising but don’t do that anymore. But if you’ve found a site you’d like me to take a look at and review for any of my readers drop me a comment and I’ll take a look. If I think it could be useful or entertaining I’ll give it a review and drop it here for people to read.

Anyway, enough rambling take a look around and enjoy and leave a comment if you found something useful here.